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Since when, Cyberpunk (Cyberpunk) has become a buzzword, many young and creative workers who expressed their fond, the Cyberpunk words began to frequent appearance in the major social media, When it comes to cyberpunk, people will automatically flash brilliant blue and magenta neon lights in their minds, and electronic music singing in their ears.

Cyberpunk, as a niche subject under the category of science fiction works, originated from the concept of science fiction in cyberspace. The term Cyberspace was coined by science fiction writer William Gibson in the 1980s. It refers to virtual reality in computers and computer networks. Its original meaning also refers to computer technology, modern communication network technology, and even virtual reality. Based on the comprehensive application of technology and other information technologies, a new type of space with knowledge and information as the content. This is a virtual space created by humans for knowledge exchange. In this virtual space, humans do not have to consider race, economic privilege or prejudice brought by force, force, birthplace. In fact, I see here, I am sure you have thought of this combination "freedom + equality", it is also the block chain technology and to the center of the block chain network advocated.

In the history of mankind, the economy is an old and new eternal theme, whether in the agricultural economy and society, or in the industrial economy and society, economic development is a key factor in the healthy society can achieve sustainable development. In October 2008, an anonymous person (or organization) named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper "Bitcoin: P2P Electronic Cash System" to the mailing list. At this point, Bitcoin and the decentralized blockchain network represented by Bitcoin have been on the stage of history. The emergence of Bitcoin and decentralized blockchain networks has accelerated the digital production, distribution, and use of information. Economic development also seems to have opened a new gap in the giant door of the Internet business era.

In 2014, after Satoshi Nakamoto, another representative of the blockchain (Vitalik) discovered that Bitcoin has unsolvable limitations in its design and proposed to explore the "next generation of cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform" Ethereum for the goal. After the advent of Ethereum, its smart contracts with high versatility and flexibility have been sought after by many geeks. The transaction processing speed of Ethereum once surpassed the transaction speed of Bitcoin by 3 to 7 times. However, due to technology and insufficient, Ethernet still unable analogy with the existing centralized system on the performance, people are expecting web 2.0 to change the existing business structure, greatly enhance the productivity of the situation, after all, it is also without beginning and end.

In the "blockchain 3.0 era", too many falsehoods. The concept of blockchain technology has become a new round of opportunities for capitalists. Many public chain projects with the concept of "Blockchain 3.0" have followed the Ethereum structure, but they have not succeeded at all. Many projects in the "blockchain 3.0" era have insufficient scalability, poor security, slow implementation of the roadmap, and failure to meet expectations after the main net is launched.

Looking back at the development of the blockchain for more than ten years, there are still many difficulties in the development and application of blockchain technology and various industries, such as whether the security of the blockchain is safe, the key technology of the blockchain needs to be broken, and the blockchain and the entity industry to be the depth of integration. Based on this, BitCherry the distributed business public chain carrying its own new technology, new ideas, in order to better promote the block chain technology and industry healthy and orderly development, added to the road block chain technology development.

BitCherry based IPv8 as technology development and services in the distributed business expansion can blockchain infrastructure, innovative proposed "Blockchain Plus" advanced technology concepts, use BitCherry Blockchain Plus to improve the executable, inadequate performance governance structure and security issues. Its global community is then covered in just one year as many as 1 million + users, the technical concept in over 10 countries including China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Japan, Turkey, Dubai and Singapore. And more than a year of development, BitCherry also welcomed the latest progress of the project development, it is learned, BitCherry test network function has been fully developed, will soon formally launched the test network.

As we all know, can prop up a large-scale network effect is a severe test of all current public face of the chain, according to the technical white paper describing the BitCherry, high network efficiency BitCherry, and run a full node attached to the HashGraph structure to ensure there is no need to carry out heavy workload certification, which can achieve tens of thousands of transactions per second.

While providing basic blockchain services for enterprises, it can also create smart contracts and DApps according to different businesses.

It is foreseeable that this will accelerate the development, governance and operation of multi-agency business networks, as well as the smooth development of decentralized applications, and deliver value to the business exchanges between different entities in the future.

Blockchain technology development achievements mainly in supplement or extend the existing business model, BitCherry think of industrial innovation is needed is an open ecology, equality, freedom, cooperation, integration of one of the world's top resources from the capital, technology, and commerce, we will build a global ecology, promote the transformation and development of global business, and promote the transformation of the business society.

Blockchain technology is not a tool for capital solidification, but should be the key to rationally improve and enhance the space of human life scenarios. In the “cyberpunk” setting, the urban landscape often has a large number of neon signs comparable to light pollution. This is actually an anti-human living environment for the over-development of urbanization under the capital environment. This is not what we are longing for. The real "cyberspace" should be as stated in the "Declaration of Cyber Independence":

“Cyberspace consists of transactions, relationships, and thought itself, arrayed like a standing wave in the web of our communications.”

“We are creating a world that all may enter without privilege or prejudice accorded by race, economic power, military force, or station of birth.”

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