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In this digital era, NFT gaming is gaining more popularity, specifically horse racing games. The famous horse racing game Zed Run creates more impact in the gaming world. If you are looking to create NFT gaming like Zed Run. Zed Run Clone Script is the best choice to launch the NFT Horse Racing Gaming Platform similar to Zed Run.

Revenue modules of Zed Run clone script

Initial Sale of Virtual Horses: You can offer a variety of virtual horses for sale within the game. Players can purchase these horses using in-game currency or real-world money. Each horse can have unique attributes, performance statistics, and rarity, allowing you to set different prices for them.

Breeding and Stud Fees: Implement a breeding mechanic where players can breed their virtual horses to create offspring with a combination of traits inherited from the parent horses. Charging breeding fees or requiring players to spend in-game currency to breed their horses can be a revenue stream.

Racing Entry Fees: Organize races within the game and require players to pay entry fees to participate. The entry fees can be in the form of in-game currency or real-world money, and the prize pool can be distributed among the winners.

Commission on Marketplace Transactions: Create a marketplace within the game where players can buy and sell virtual horses. You can charge a commission or transaction fee on each sale that occurs on the marketplace, generating revenue from player-to-player transactions.

Sponsorships and Advertising: Collaborate with real-world brands or sponsors to incorporate their branding or advertisements within the game. This can be done through in-game billboards, sponsored events, or other forms of advertising, providing a potential revenue stream.

Premium Features or Subscriptions: Offer premium features, additional content, or exclusive perks to players who subscribe to a premium membership or purchase a premium package. This can provide a recurring revenue stream for ongoing game maintenance and updates.

Bottom line

If you were to develop a horse racing game like Zed Run, there are several potential revenue streams you could explore. These revenue streams are based on the general monetization strategies employed by blockchain-based games and virtual asset marketplaces. However, choose the best NFT gaming development company in the world to customize a clone script of Zed Run as per your business requirements.

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