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Please read carefully and adhere to forum rules to avoid being permanently banned!

1. No affiliate, invitation or referral links are allowed neither in the posts nor the comments section.

2. No Spamming.

3. No Scamming.

4. No MLM or Ponzi schemes and definitely no binary options, Forex or "trusted" traders / account managers referrals and recommendations!

5. Foul language is forbidden. Please respect each other opinions, insights and feedback.

6. ENGLISH language ONLY please!

7. It's OK to share constructive feedback about the forum but not unjustifiably bashing it and its Admins / Moderators. Toxic and negative members are neither welcomed nor tolerated at all in our community!

8. We mostly approve crypto and blockchain news, blog posts, insights, analysis, opinions, predictions, polls, support and help requests and overall positive contribution to grow a healthy crypto community. So if your post has been rejected that means it's deemed to be either promotional in nature or plain and simple a spammy or scammy content. So no need to contact Admins / Moderators to reconsider their decisions because their decisions are final and not open to reconsideration. Worthy to mention here that any spam / scam posts detected under admin moderation, will lead to immediate deletion of the post and instant blocking of the person from the forum!

9. For sponsorship opportunities please contact admin directly.

We invite all members to contribute and to help us in growing a healthy and positive crypto community that will serve the overall industry and improve its image and reputation. Therefore we kindly ask you to "REPORT TO FORUM ADMINS AND MODERATORS" any content that you deem of spammy or scammy nature whether be it on a post or a comment level. And we will do our best to take the necessary measures and take swift actions against offenders ASAP, this could be deleting the post / comment in question, muting a member up to a week as a first warning or banning and blocking him / her entirely from the forum depending on the severity of the offense.

Forums and topics in this section can only be created by admins and / or moderators however all members can reply and share their feedback.

Thank you for your positive contributions and continuous support!


Ziad B. Tannous

Cryptocurrency Hub Admin

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