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NFTs are a potentially very desirable gift. There are hundreds of types of NFTs to share with family and friends, from art collectibles to gaming, fashion, sports, metaverse, and everything in between. Here we explain how to gift an NFT.

The best NFT gifts

Art, clothes, music, and gaming NFTs mean we can share unique digital assets with whoever we like. You should choose the NFT that your loved one is interested in.


Forget about perfumes, makeup, and yet another silk scarf when you could send a fashionable NFT. There are RTFKT (fashion brand with virtual sneakers), luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana, Auroboros (a digital fashion house inspired by biomimicry), and others.


If one of your family members or friend is a gaming β€œnerd” they can already own some real estate in the Sandbox or Decentraland or other the metaverse. You will be the coolest gift-giver ever if you send them some digital tokens such as a rare sword or battle avatar or any gaming item that can be used in blockchain gaming.

Art collections

Do you have an art-crazy relative who’s been to every museum? Art NFTs are the perfect gift for the culture connoisseurs. Not only can you give them a one-of-kind piece of art, but you give them the gift of proof of ownership. There are even projects like ArtBlocks or OpenSea that let artists create generative NFTs that are coded on the blockchain.

NFTs for petrolheads

For the avid petrolheads, your best shot here would be to gift some car industry NFTs. Mclaren launched the first-ever NFT supercar puzzle collective. Each drop consisted of a separate part of an F1 race car whereby fans could collect every piece until they built a whole car. It can be NFT sports cars that your friend can race in the Metaverse. Also, you can find some NFT digital collectibles like the Petrol Heads project.

NFTs for sports fans

Sports NFTs are epic gifts if your friend or family is a sports fan. NFTs offer memorable sports moments. Anything from a clip of a monumental slam dunk (like the famous LeBron James NFT sold by NBA Top Shot)  to a Gif file of a moment in history from a cataclysmic game can be a gift for a lifetime.

Buying an NFT

Well, you found the NFT gift. How can you buy that? You need to buy some crypto coins. Note that many NFT marketplaces will only accept ETH. Where can you buy crypto? You can use a crypto exchange like EvBlock. Which features set EvBlock apart from other crypto exchange platforms? EvBlock is powered by EVANERA, a fintech company (Reg N. CHE-265.995.382) from Switzerland. EvBlock was created specifically for low-tech persons and crypto beginners to make it easier and safer to buy crypto. Visit the EvBlock site to get user-friendly support

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