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This board exclusively covers Other Crypto Stuff Discussions. This includes but not limited to the below topics:

1. Crypto News and Updates

2. Crypto Laws and Regulations

3. General Crypto Events

4. Blockchain Tech and Decentralization

5. Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

6. ICO | STO | IEO Projects

7. Airdrops

8. Smart Contracts

9. DApps and DeFi

10. Crypto and Blockchain Jobs

11. Crypto Marketplace: In this forum members of this online community can perform peer to peer (p2p) crypto trading and exchange transactions "fiat to crypto" or "crypto to fiat". Proceed with utter caution and always deal through an escrow service! There's many scammers in the crypto space! We will not be held in anyway, shape or form reliable of your own decisions, actions and choices!

This section is open to all members to create their own topics and foster healthy crypto discussions among other members of the community.

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