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When πŸ’© hits the fan, it hits it really HARD!

Never seen before such high levels of fear, uncertainties and doubts across all financial markets:

1. Upcoming recession
2. Unprecedented inflation not seen in 40 years
3. Massive interest hikes (talks about 75 bps rate hike)
4. Crypto market crash (Luna, Celsius Network, Stablecoin depegging events, etc.)
5. Upcoming crippling crypto regulations
6. Equity / Stock / Bonds markets crash
7. Potential housing market crash
8. Energy markets in turmoil
9. Plagues and Diseases outbreaks and pandemics
10. Wars and conflicts (eg. Russo-Ukrainian war) leading to global scale supply chain disruptions.
11. Fortune 500 companies layoffs (Coinbase Lays Off 1,100 Employeesβ€”Billionaire CEO Warns Recession Could Worsen Impact Of $1 Trillion Crypto Crash)

My fear and I could be wrong of course, that we might not see history repeating itself like in the last 2 BTC / crypto cycles.

What’s your take on all what’s going on folks?

Fortune 500 layoffsCoinbase layoffs

Ziad B. Tannous

Cryptocurrency Hub Admin


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  • Fortune 500 layoffs: Fortune 500 layoffs
  • Coinbase layoffs: Coinbase layoffs

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