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What is the basis of ERC-20 tokens?

The writers are solely in charge of the material. Reprinting content is only permitted with the editorial staff's consent. If the network is busy at any point in time, there may be problems sending transactions. This does not matter for standard transfers between two users. But such a delay can become critical, for example, when buying or selling tokens due to the high volatility of their price.

ERC20 features

Today, tokens are tied to their respective projects, and each project creates its own token. With a complete transition to ERC-20, tokens, at least theoretically, will be able to move between projects. It is expected that the use of ERC20 token development will be able to ensure smoother functioning of the Ethereum network. That's it, now you know how to store Bitcoin, altcoins and ERC-20 tokens on the Ledger Nano S! If you don't have one yet, be sure to buy one to keep your savings safe. The great thing is that MyEtherWallet has integration with Ledger Nano S.

For example, many create projects only to collect funds from subscribers and users. ERC in Ethereum also refers to requests for the opportunity to make some proposals for improving networks. At the same time, it provides the opportunity to program on Ethereum. It is important to note that the improvement of the protocol itself is not intended. ERC makes it possible to establish agreements that facilitate communication between applications. Fight Out is not the only platform (and token) based on the ERC-20 standard.

What can you do with ERC-20 tokens?

And once the smart contract code is broadcast to the network, it can no longer be modified. This article will help you understand what an ERC20 token is and apply your knowledge in practice. In the article we tell you what the ERC20 protocol is used for, what tokens it uses and in what wallets they can be stored. The article describes the functions of the standard, the disadvantages of ERC20 and the differences between a cryptocurrency and a token. These are technical documents that describe programming standards on Ethereum. These should not be confused with Ethereum improvement proposals, which, like Bitcoin's BIPs, propose improvements to the protocol itself.

It is used not only for fundraising, but also stablecoins, DeFi (financial decentralized applications). The main function of ERC20 is to standardize the interface for issuing new coins on the network. This is accomplished by using specific guidelines and standards. For example, to change or move an create ERC20 token, you must have ETH.

Compatible with ERC223, ERC20, BEP20, BEP2 standards. There is a built-in WEB3 browser for working with dApps. Complete anonymity, all keys are stored on users’ mobile phones/tablets. Despite the significant advantage, the standard protocol is not functionally sufficient.

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